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Custom Domestic Carpet and Special Colours

We have a massive range of colours, designs and styles of carpet in our shop. However in some instances our customers would like a specific colour or a carpet design developed exclusively for them. We can do just about anything and many customers have created stunning carpets which highlight the architecture of their homes and mean that they have a unique Wilton carpet which will last for decades.

Plain twist or velvet pile carpet can be manufactured in any colour and also in widths above 5 mtrs if required. This is a fairly straightforward process, with the customer providing the colour and it normally takes about a month for the carpet to be manufactured.
We can usually quote the cost of this service within a few days. Special colour orders do not carry a significant price premium and are ideal if you are keen to match to current carpet or specific d├ęcor in your home.

Special designs in woven axminster or wilton take a longer time. We need to visit your home and understand what type of design you require and how it will work in your rooms.
From this we can give you an indicative budgetary price for the project. If you would like to continue then we prepare the detailed design work, produce a small sample trial and finalise the order over a period of several weeks. Once you have placed your order and paid a deposit we proceed to order the raw materials and the carpet is usually available within 2 months. This process means that the Custom design service of a woven carpet which is manufactured at our Wilton factory normally takes about 4 months. You will be surprised how reasonable the price of a Special design woven for you at the Wilton Factory can be.

For further information please contact John Dowding at our Wilton Shop.  Contact information can be found be clicking here.



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